A web-application which allows participants to delete a map while walking through the city.

Who & Where?

The web-application was first presented at the Play Perform Participate Conference (University of Utrecht, April 2015) after which it was used during a series of classes at the faculty of Media Studies at University of Utrecht.


The web-application is used on a mobile phone and lets you erase the map of Utrecht in realtime by walking its streets. The users’ movements produce an erasure of the actual map, deleting the map permanently.


This game is form of counter-mapping that alludes to the performative turn in cartographic theory, where maps are studied as (interactive) performances and as products of co-creative relationships between maps and users. During the PPP conference this activity was performed together with the conference members, after which it was discussed how erasing the map could have an empowering effect and raises questions relating to power and politics (inherent in maps and mapmaking).